Medicare Vermont

Medicare provides cover for various medically-necessary facilities, like short-term hospital stays and emergency services
Vermont health insurance consists of Part A – Hospital Insurance and Part B – Medical Insurance
The PATH determines the qualification and enrollment requirements of Medicaid program in Vermont
Medicare Part D plan is a voluntary program of prescription drug coverage
Vermont preventive benefits include many services such as wellness visits, health counseling, Immunizations
Vermont Medicaid covers the expenses of medically necessary services for qualified residents.

Medicare News

Latest Medicare News and updates. Stay informed on all things about Medicare.
  • Medicare Supplement Plans

    Medicare Supplement Plans are provided by private insurers to senior citizens aged 65 or older
  • Medicare Savings Programs

    Vermont provides three Medicare Savings Programs for low income citizens
  • State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP)

    SHIP is a federally managed program to develop and enhance a network of volunteers, local programs and staff.
  • HealthMaintenanceOrganization(HMO)

    Under this plan, you will be provided with accessibility to a network of hospitals, doctors and specialists.
  • PreferredProviderOrganization(PPO)

    PPO offers access to hospitals and doctors belonging to a network, who coordinate to provide care for you.
  • PrivateFee-For-Service(PFFS)

    Under this plan, you are allowed to visit any hospital or doctor approved by Medicare

How to Apply for PCIP in Vermont?

Get coverage from PCIP by applying online or through mail